Diary in EnglishAugust 12th

Today I practiced English with my online English teachers. Both topics we studied were really interesting. They were about muscle memory and the first American K2 climber.

The muscle memory topic taught about how to improve pronunciation. The author said that it is effective to watch English pronunciation videos and practice pronunciation using a mirror. When we repeat a physical action many times, our brain develops permanent memory for how to do it! Ive experienced that when I play the piano. I had to read music notes at the first, but with practice, I was able to play without reading the music notes and my fingers moved unconsciously.  For that reason, I thought the way to improve pronunciation made sense and I want to try it!

The first American K2 climber topic told me about how hard it is to climb K2. I didnt know about K2 before I read this topic. I like climbing and hiking, but I dont want to climb K2 because according to statistics, one out of every four people who climb it dies! However, I have climbed Mt. Fuji and I want to climb it again because Mt.Fuji is safe to climb and the view on the way to the top and from the peak is really beautiful! 

After studying English, I went to my farewell party. I quit my job and Im going to move to the UK to study English.There were many people who helped me a lot these past 5 years. We enjoyed drinking, eating and chatting. I laughed a lot and I felt really happy. After the main dish, there was a surprise cake! I was moved. We sang a Japanese song titled Makenaide that means "Dont give up." I was happy to work with them.

Afterwards, I went to a popular cafe to watch shooting stars with my friend. We laid on the roof of the cafe and looked for stars.We were able to see some shooting stars! They were really vivid and beautiful. The staff of the cafe had us look at the moon. I had never seen such a beautiful moon! 

It was a busy day,  but I really had a good time!



Thank you for your corrections Lindsey on italki!




statistics 統計、統計学

permanent  永続する、永久的な

unconsciously 無意識に








そして深夜0時から、大阪の松屋町にある 星カフェSPICAさんのペルセウス座流星群観測会に参加してきました。よくTVでも紹介されているので、大阪の方はご存知の方も多いと思います。私も興味があったので誘ってくれた友人に感謝です